Since 2005, ROSENBERG FANS CANADA LTD., located in Mississauga, ON, has been sales office and warehouse of the Rosenberg Group in Canada. We provide sales, stock, engineering solutions and local assembly to our customers throughout Canada. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you to find air moving solution suitable for any industry including HVAC and Refrigeration, Commercial and Domestic Appliances, Railway and Renewable Energy, Medical and Telecomm, Industrial Ventilation and other. We are dedicated to providing our best service and support to our clients.
More about Rosenberg
Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH is the parent company headquartered in Kuenzelsau, Germany celebrating 30 years of experience of building fans and external rotor motors. The entire production of all parts including motors, fans, controllers and complete air handling units makes us independent of suppliers and allows us to develop fast and specific solutions for our clients. Rosenberg is a competitive medium sized company with around 1400 employees worldwide. With an annual production of about 120.000 fans, company currently exports 55% of the total company turnover
More about Ecofit
Ecofit was established in 1976 to design, manufacture and sell induction motors and fans. By 1981 it had developed external rotor motors and integrated them with fan impellers, a concept that formed the platform for 35 years of growth and success. In 1994 ECOFIT is becoming part of ROSENBERG Group, a company with technically similar fan products but designed for larger applications. By 1998 ECOFIT had taken the decision to cease manufacture of conventional motors and to focus its attention on the compact dimensioned and speed controllable external rotor motor, mainly for fan drive and liquid agitation.
More about ETRI
Etri has long been a leader in the design of air-moving devices, from large industrial fans to miniature flat axial fans. Established in 1945, previously manufacturing mine ventilation, today ETRI's AC air movers are cooling and protecting the most sophisticated of electronic packages, and our basic commitment to uncompromising quality and high performance standards continues. ETRI's DC fans offer the design engineer a wide range of design options to meet your specific application need. Various voltages, speeds, bearing systems, and termination configurations provide the engineer the ability to select the performance needed.
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