One modular solution that fit all your specific needs.

A Rosenberg ECFanGrid consists of a series of EC Fans operating in parallel.
The resulting Air Flow is proportional to the number of Fans used, with the Pressure
Conditions remaining the same. Comprehensive testing in our Certified Testing Facility have
been confirmed the theory. The use of EC-Fans is not only highly efficient, but they form a
perfectly matched unit (Electronic, Motor & Impeller) for a "Cost Effective, Plug & Play
Solution" for individual ventilation requirements.

Applications of ECFanGrid:
  • Air Handling Units (New Devices)
  • Retrofit
Benefits of using a Rosenberg ECFanGrid:
  • Plug & Play System
  • Built-In Redundancy
  • High efficient EC Technology
  • Compact & Flexible Design
  • Predestined for Retrofit Applications
  • Ease of Maintenance and Replacement
  • Weight reduction
  • High Air Flows
  • Easy to Clean (Ground is accessible)
  • Uniform Air Flow to Downstream Components
  • Less Low Frequency Noises (Shorter attenuators)
  • Easy implementation of Air Flow and Pressure controls